Wrench, Fuel Filter


Status: Arriving Soon




Model 491, Goldenrod Filter Wrench fits fuel filter bowl for easy removal without cracking 

  • Specially designed to fit Goldenrod fuel filter bowl
  • Won't damage bowl like metal oil filter wrenches
  • Made of weather reistant nylon
  • Reinforced for strength
  • Attach to fuel tank with wire througn the hole provided
  • Change filter elements oftern for best results
  • Also fits: JOHN DEERE TY 15192, TY 15677 and BALDWIN B-10-AL

Models Compatible With: Laser 30, Laser 30 Black, Oil Miser 23, Laser 56, Laser 73, Laser 73AT, Laser 300, Laser 300-BL, Laser 530, Laser 560, Laser 730, Laser 730AT, OM-148, OM-122DW, OM-180, OM-128HH


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