You might be wondering who are we? What do we do? What is the point? Well, here at Rural Energy we are seeking for a higher standard of living in the most remote and cold places on the planet. We call Alaska our home, because there is no better place for us to achieve our goals than right here in one of the most extreme places on earth. The products we sell are designed to support our overall mission to make rural life better. Live Life Warm, is our mantra; we want to help the brave people who live a rural or off-grid life to be warm and comfortable. We hope you will join our community and share your stories with us. 

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Aaron Burmeister's Toyotomi Oil Miser Water Heater testimonial.

Greig McLean explains how the HC-20 Heat Convector works.

Angela Peacock tells us how her family relies on the Nordic Stove while living off-grid.

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