Fuel Lifter, OPT-101


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The Toyotomi Toyostove Oil fuel lifter, OPT -101 UL is a pump intended to refuel the heater by means of gravity pressure; therefore, it cannot be used for a heater which do not have an oil level control such as oil leveler or solenoid valve.

  • Great for second-story installations
  • For indoor installation only; electrical components are not waterproof
  • Must be installed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association Code NFPA 31

Compatible with all Toyotomi products



Maximum lifting height is 26 feet (8m)

Height between the lifter and the heater should be the height specified for the heating appliance. (16" Min., 8 1/2' Max.)

Safety Mechanisms of overflow prevention, idle operation prevention, and continuous operation prevention

Automatic recovery feature after power outage



Pump type:Suction (Head or fall type)
Lifting height (max.):26 ft. (8m)
Maximum horizontal distance:131 ft.
Outlet flow rating:4 gal./h (15L/H) at 20 dt. (6m)
Inlet pipe size:3/8" O.D.
Power supply:AC 115V, 60Hz
Power consumption:14W
Sump tank capacity:0.29 gal. (1.1L)

Width: 8" (202 mm)

Depth: 4-1/4" (107.5 mm)

Height: 10-7/8" (278mm)

Weight:8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
Fuel type:

1-K Kerosene (ASTM D3699)

Low Sulfur No. 1 Fuel (ASTM D396 S500

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD) or Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO) (ASTM D975 S15)


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