Spot, Satellite-Based Asset Tracker




Protect your boat, car, motorcycle, four wheeler or RV with the SPOT TRACE GPS tracker. This is a must have device to ensure your property is where it needs to be at all times, notifying you via email or text when movement is detected anytime, anywhere

How it works
The SPOT Trace offers advanced theft-alert tracking for anything. Instantly receive a text or email when your most valuable assets move, or follow them on Google Maps anytime on your phone or computer. Custom tracking options allow you to select the rate at which updates are sent - every 2 1/2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes.

Affordable and easy to use, SPOT Trace is a no-brainer for your cars, boats, motorcycles, toys and other valuables. NO WORRIES. 



Custom Tracking

Movement Alerts

Quick Setup

Easily Mountable

Rugged + Waterproof

Long Battery Life

Line Power Option




Trouble Shooting and Maintenance

Spot Trace User's Guide

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