Viessmann Boiler Vitoden 100-W, NG


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The Vitodens 100 from Viessmann is a natural gas-fired wall-mounted condensing boiler with modulating stainless steel cylinder burner and an Inox-Radial heat exchanger surface. It has a rated input: 29 to 100 MBH - 9 to 29 kW. 
The Vitodens Viessmann condensing boiler comes with a unique Comfort Saver Series option, offering great energy savings, quality and reliability to both budget-conscious and discriminating customers. 

With an AFUE of 95.1% the Vitodens 100 is the most efficient boiler in its price range and is eligible for U.S. Federal Tax Credit. It is ENERGY STAR qualified and, together with the Vitodens 200, the only wall-mounted condensing boiler certified by the Government of Canada's Environmental Choice Program to be less harmful to the environment. 

The Vitodens 100 uses a full-modulation natural gas stainless steel cylinder burner to achieve reliable, whisper-quiet and low-emission combustion. All Vitodens 100 burners come factory-calibrated to save time during installation. The boiler is equipped with a built-in boiler control for room thermostat operation via TT connection. The clean and simple control interface includes a reset button, digital LCD display and adjustable high limit. For DHW control, outdoor reset operation and more, the boiler control is able to interface with any level of external control.



Outstanding Efficiency of up to 98% with full modulation and 95.1% A.F.U.E. on all models.

Lasting Performance with Viessmann-made SA240 316 Ti stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger constructed to ASME Section IV and CSA B51.

Low-Emission Combustion with fully-modulating natural gas stainless steel cylinder burner. Factory calibration eliminates adjustments in the field.

Control Variety Integrated boiler control interfaces with any level of third-party control

Multiple Venting Options

- Horizontal or vertical sealed combustion coaxial vent system (factory supplied).

- Horizontal, vertical or hybrid sealed combustion double-pipe vent system (field supplied).

- Horizontal or vertical single-wall vent system (field supplied).

Easy Installation, Service and Maintenance with all pipe connections located at the bottom and serviceable components easily accessible from the front.

Compact, Lightweight Design and zero clearance to combustibles make it a great choice for limited-space installations.

Extremely Quiet Operation; quieter than most refrigerators.

Built-in Automatic Frost Protection allows boiler to be shut off for an extended period of time while protecting it against freeze-up.

Suitable for altitude levels of up to 5000 ft. / 1500 m.

Limited Lifetime Warranty in residential applications.



Model WB1A: 8-24 CSA input MBH: 29-80
Model WB1A: 8-30 CSA input MBH: 29-100
Model WB1A: 8-24 CSA output MBH: 26-72
Model WB1A: 8-30 CSA output MBH: 26-90
A.F.U.E.: 95.1%
Depth: 13 1/2"
Width: 15 3/4"
Height: 27 1/2"
Weight (incl. fittings): 101 lbs.
Boiler water content USG: 0.82





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