Toyotomi Extension Pipe Set (L)


Models: All Vented Heater models

Status: In Stock




Compatible with all Toyostove models, this extension pipe set is for use with through-the-wall installation where the heater is to be located away from the flue pipe. Relocation of exhaust pipe is higher or "up the wall," telescoping length capacity is 61-3/4" to 78-3/4".

In any installation the following limitation must NOT be exceeded:

1. The total length of extension pipe between the heater and the outside tip of the flue pipe must not exceed 10 feet each for the air intake pipe and the exhaust pipe.

2. Neither air intake pipe nor the exhaust pipe may have more the 3 elbows, counting the elbows at the heater. The air intake elbow supplied with the heater and the integral bends in the flue pipe are not counted as elbows. 

Models Compatible With: Laser 30, Laser 30 Black, Oil Miser 23, Laser 56, Laser 73, Laser 73AT, Laser 300, Laser 300-BL, Laser 530, Laser 560, Laser 730, Laser 730AT


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