Air Conditioners and Mini Split Heat Pumps

Air conditioners and heat pumps are both air treatment systems that use refrigerant to cool and heat air. Air conditioners extract heat from the air inside your home and release it outdoors, while heat pumps do the opposite by drawing heat from the air outside and releasing it indoors.

Both air conditioners and heat pumps are powered by electricity, but air conditioners use more energy than heat pumps. While air conditioners are more common in warm climates, heat pumps can be used in both warm and cold climates. Heat pumps are more efficient than air conditioners in cold climates since they can extract heat from the air even when the temperature is below freezing. In general, air conditioners are less expensive to install than heat pumps, but heat pumps are more energy-efficient and can save you money on your energy bill over time.

At Rural Energy, we offer a wide selection of air conditioning options to meet and fit the energy requirements of any residential home, whether it’s cooling off a single room or entire floors. The air conditioning equipment solutions in our catalog include products from leading brands including Toyotomi and Gree (filter by brand using the brand list on the left side of the page). Our team will outfit your facility with the right types of brands and sizes for your needs. Our wide array providing powerful, efficient, and cost-effective air conditioning equipment will provide you ample cooling comfort. Whether it’s for an entire floor cooling or a pump that acts as both a heater and air conditioner, we have an expansive collection of heating water equipment that provides comfort and satisfaction.

Specialty Air Conditioner Equipment from Leading Brands:

Toyotomi Air Conditioners

Save money while cooling your home, even if there is existing central air conditioning. These portable air conditioners/heat pumps feature a double ducting system that provides a 20–30% increase in efficiency over single-duct units. Relax in the true 11,500 btu cooling capacity of the Toyotomi.

Gree Air Conditioners

Proof is in the comfort. Featuring Gree's intelligent defrosting and I-FEEL systems, these units shine over their competition. Intelligent defrosting means you will never have wasted energy during a cycle, and the I-FEEL technology records and adapts to temperature at the remote instead of at the unit, ensuring accurate and comfortable cooling all day long.

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