Heating Equipment - Oil, Wood, Gas, and Hydronic

At Rural Energy, we offer the widest selection of heating equipment options to meet and fit the energy requirements of any residential, commercial, and industrial facility, ranging from homes to schools, to hospitals, manufacturing plants, and office buildings.

The heating equipment solutions in our catalog include products from leading brands including Ashley, Eskabe, Homecomfort, Nordicstove, Nova, Nu-Way, Osburn, Rinnai, Roth, Solo Stove, Toyotomi, Valcourt, and Viessmann (filter by brand using the brand list on the left side of the page).

Our team will outfit your facility with the right types of oil, wood, gas, or hydronic heating equipment for your needs. Our wide array providing powerful, efficient, and cost-effective heating equipment will save you money over time. Whether it's a compact heater for the cabin in the woods, or a customizable fireplace insert to heat entire floors, we have an expansive collection of heating stoves that provide comfort and satisfaction.

Specialty Heating Equipment Solutions:

Oil Heating Equipment

When it comes to efficient and rapid home heating, oil burners stand out prominently. Their ability to produce the hottest flames translates to quicker heating of your living spaces, ensuring you remain cozy even during the coldest days. This rapid heating doesn't come at the cost of excessive fuel consumption; in fact, oil is remarkably efficient, delivering more heat per energy unit (BTUs) than many other fuel alternatives. For homeowners keen on maximizing this efficiency, upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace or boiler is a wise choice. Such an upgrade can bolster your heating system's efficiency by a significant 28% or more. The tangible benefits of this efficiency are evident in the potential savings on energy bills. By transitioning from an older system to a modern high-efficiency counterpart, it's possible to halve your annual fuel expenses. This means that the initial investment in a new system can often be recouped in a mere five years or even less.

Wood Heating Equipment

Wood stoves epitomize versatility in home heating. Their design allows for installation in almost any part of a home, provided there's a provision to run a vent pipe externally. This flexibility ensures that specific rooms or spaces can be zone-heated, optimizing warmth where it's needed the most. With strategic placement, a couple of these stoves can efficiently serve the heating needs of an entire home, potentially eliminating the need for a centralized heating system. It's a blend of traditional heating methods with modern efficiency.

Gas Heating Equipment

Gas heaters are synonymous with reliability and efficiency. They offer a plethora of benefits that make them a favorite among homeowners. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they also promise consistent warmth, ensuring your home remains comfortable throughout. The dual options of Natural Gas heaters and portable LPG Heaters cater to varied needs, amplifying the advantages of gas-based heating. Considering that heating can constitute up to 40% of a household's power bill, the energy efficiency of gas heaters can lead to substantial savings. Now is the opportune moment to explore and embrace the myriad benefits of gas heating.

Hydronic Heating Equipment

Hydronic heating systems redefine the standards of comfort and efficiency. These systems promise a consistent supply of hot water throughout the year, be it through an indirect fired water heater or a state-of-the-art tankless heater. The heaters we offer under this category are designed with precision, ensuring they are clean, operate silently, and are built to last. Their efficiency is not just in operation but also in energy consumption. While the initial setup costs might be slightly higher compared to traditional systems, the long-term savings are undeniable. On average, homeowners can expect to save around 20% on heating costs over time, making it a prudent investment for the future.

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