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Burning wood allows you to essentially free yourself (partly at least) from the clutches of energy providers. Wood burning is largely considered carbon neutral. This means that the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by a tree over its lifetime is roughly equivalent to the amount released when the wood is burned – this means that the amount of extra CO2 added to the environment is effectively zero.

Not only are wood stoves becoming more eco-friendly, but they’re also becoming more efficient. This means that more heat is used to heat your home rather than being expelled up the chimney.

Wood heating equipment solutions in our catalog include products from leading brands like Homcomfort, Nova, Osburn, and Solo Stoves (filter by brand using the brand list on the left side of the page).

Whether you're looking for a simple or luxurious fireplace insert or portable fire pits, we have all the wood equipment options available to you, from fireplaces, inserts, stoves, accessories, or outdoor heating.

Specialty Heating Equipment Solutions:

Wood Fireplaces: The Heart of a Home

There's something timeless about a wood-burning fireplace. Beyond its functional purpose of providing warmth, it stands as a testament to traditions and memories. Serving as a natural focal point in any living space, a wood-burning fireplace commands attention and evokes feelings of comfort and nostalgia. As families gather around, it becomes more than just a source of heat; it transforms into the heart of the home, offering a unique ambiance that modern accessories struggle to replicate. The crackling of the wood, the dance of the flames, and the warmth it radiates make it an irreplaceable centerpiece in any living room.

Wood Fireplace Inserts: Modern Efficiency Meets Traditional Warmth

For those who cherish the charm of a traditional wood fireplace but desire modern efficiency, wood fireplace inserts are the perfect solution. These inserts are meticulously designed to fit within existing wood fireplaces, offering an upgrade in both aesthetics and functionality. By choosing a wood fireplace insert, homeowners can revitalize drafty, open wood fireplaces, enhancing their heating capacity and efficiency. Yet, even with these advancements, the unmatched warmth, ambiance, and cherished memories that only wood fireplaces can evoke remain intact.

Wood Stoves: Economical Warmth for Every Home

Wood stoves are more than just heating appliances; they are a testament to cost-effective and sustainable living. Wood, as a fuel source, is not only abundant but also remarkably economical. When compared to oil, gas, or electricity, wood emerges as a clear winner in terms of cost per BTU. For homeowners keen on maximizing their savings, strategic zone heating with wood stoves can lead to substantial reductions in utility bills. Year after year, these savings accumulate, making wood stoves a wise investment for both the wallet and the environment.

Wood Outdoor Heating: The Joy of Open-Air Warmth

In recent years, the allure of outdoor heating has seen a significant surge, with portable fire pits leading the trend. These fire pits encapsulate the joy of open-air warmth, allowing individuals to experience the magic of a campfire almost anywhere and anytime. Whether it's a backyard gathering, a camping trip, or a beach bonfire, portable fire pits adapt to various scenarios, overcoming challenges and ensuring that the warmth and ambiance of a wood fire can be enjoyed to the fullest.

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