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Do you love spending time outdoors? Is your patio or backyard a luxury retreat? 

Outdoor heating systems are a great way to extend the enjoyment of your backyard or patio. There are a variety of options to choose from, including firepits, cooking systems, bonfires, and roasting sticks. Each has its own unique benefits and can provide hours of outdoor fun. 

For example, firepits are a great way to keep warm on chilly evenings. They can also be used for cooking or roasting marshmallows. Bonfires are another popular option for outdoor heating. They provide a beautiful focal point and can be used for cooking hot dogs or roasting s'mores. Roasting sticks are a great option for cooking vegetables or meat over an open fire. 

Whatever type of outdoor heating system you choose, be sure to follow all safety instructions to avoid injury.

Outdoor heating solutions in our catalog are from the leading brands Nova and Solo Stove.

Whether you’re looking for a single 10-pound portable fire pit or a 50-pound, we have all the options in between available to you.

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Q. How do Solo Stoves work?

A. Solo Stoves work by utilizing a double-wall design and strategically placed air vents to promote efficient combustion. This creates a secondary burn that reduces smoke and increases heat output.

Q. How do you start a fire in a Solo Stove?

A. To start a fire in a Solo Stove, place small kindling at the bottom of the stove, then add larger sticks or logs on top. Use a firestarter or tinder to ignite the kindling, and let the air flow design do the rest.

Q. How do you clean a Solo Stove?

A. To clean a Solo Stove, wait for it to cool down completely, then tip it upside down to remove the ashes. Use a soft brush to clean the interior and a damp cloth to wipe the exterior if needed.

Q. Where can I buy a Solo Stove?

A. Solo Stoves can be purchased on the official Solo Stove website, through authorized retailers like Rural Energy, or on various e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon. 

Q. What can you burn in a Solo Stove?

A. Solo Stoves are designed to burn dry, seasoned hardwoods, such as oak or hickory, for optimal performance and minimal smoke.

Q. How long does it take for a Solo Stove to cool down?

A. It usually takes around 30-45 minutes for a Solo Stove to cool down after the fire has been extinguished. However, the cooling time may vary depending on the stove's size and the fire's intensity.

Q. How do you use a Solo Stove handle?

A. The Solo Stove handle is used to safely move the stove, adjust its position, or remove the flame ring. Always use a heat-resistant glove or a tool like pliers when handling the hot stove.

Q. Where are Solo Stoves made?

A. Solo Stoves are designed in the United States, and the manufacturing is outsourced to facilities in China that meet Solo Stove's quality standards.

Q. Who owns Solo Stove?

A. Solo Stove is a privately held company, founded by Jeff Jan and Spencer Jan in 2010. The ownership structure is not publicly disclosed.

Q. Do Solo Stoves come with a cover?

A. Some Solo Stove models come with a cover, while others do not. Protective covers can be purchased separately.

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