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Gas Heaters have several benefits, including energy efficiency, a reliable source of heat, and low ongoing running costs.

With the option of Natural Gas heaters or portable Propane Heaters, there are many advantages to using gas to heat your home. With heating accounting for up to 40% of your power bill, there is no better time than now to discover the benefits of gas heating.

Gas heating equipment solutions in our catalog include products from leading brands like Ashley, Eskabe, Nu-Way, Rinnai, Valcourt, and Viessmann (filter by brand using the brand list on the left side of the page).

Whether you’re looking for a portable propane heater for your off-grid campsites that also double as a cooker or a natural gas fireplace insert of your dreams, we have many heating options available to you, from direct vent furnaces to fireplaces to non-electric and boilers.

Specialty Gas Heating Equipment Solutions:

Direct Vent Gas Heaters

A direct-vent wall furnace is a self-contained, sealed combustion heating appliance that warms inside air by recirculating it around a sealed chamber and discharges combustion byproducts outside the home via direct-vent. An indoor gas heater will typically be cheaper to run than an electric heater. Since gas heating produces more heat output than an electric heater, it will heat your space quicker and use much less energy.

Gas Fireplaces

There is nothing like curling up with a good book and a beverage in front of a warm glowing fireplace. And if you have a gas-burning fireplace, it's better for the environment and less costly to run. Gas fireplaces offer the beauty and realism of “live” dancing flames" with all the conveniences of a modern gas appliance. With the flip of a switch or the click of a remote, you can enjoy your fireplace without loading wood or cleaning ashes when you are done.

Non-Electric Direct Vent Gas Stoves/Burners

When it comes to using gas for your indoor heater you can expect a reliable heat source. With gas heating, you won't be at the mercy of power surges or power outages, and your heater will continue to heat your space effectively and efficiently.

Gas Condensing Boilers

What exactly is a condensing boiler? In short, it is a boiler designed to increase fuel efficiency and reduce wasted energy by reclaiming some of the energy that goes up the chimney. A condensing boiler uses not just the heat from the combustion of natural gas, but also from this otherwise unused energy. A condensing boiler heats water to a lower temperature initially (which saves fuel), then strategically cycles it through the house to utilize the heat in as many places as possible for the lowest potential return temperature. Reducing unnecessary fuel use is a great upgrade for (nearly) any existing boiler system and a great addition to a new home.

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