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Oil burners provide the hottest flames, which means that oil heats your home faster and uses less fuel. Oil puts out more heat per energy unit (BTUs) than other fuels, and upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace or boiler can increase your system’s efficiency by at least 28%. 

By upgrading your older heating system to a new high-efficiency system, you can often cut your fuel bills in half each year, giving you a potential payback for your system upgrade in under five years.

Oil-burning heating equipment solutions in our catalog include products from leading brands like Nordicstove, Roth, and Toyotomi (filter by brand using the brand list on the left side of the page).

Whether you're looking for an oil heater for your off-grid cabin or a heating stove capable of being controlled from your smartphone, we have all the oil-burning heating equipment options available to you, from direct vent furnaces to non-electric oil burners/stoves to oil tanks. 

Specialty Oil Heating Equipment Solutions:

Direct Vent Furnaces

Direct Vent wall furnaces are an excellent source of heat for many applications. By installing a direct vent heater in your home, you can reduce your energy bills by up to 50%. These oil furnaces include many features that ensure efficiency and comfort. Consumers looking for high-efficiency heating equipment have found the laser oil-burning heater to be the best on the market.

Non-Electric Stoves

Non-electric oil stoves are excellent if you live off-grid or don’t rely on a power grid. They are also exceptional for backup heat. Oil is non-toxic, contains no carcinogens, and is biodegradable. According to the EPA, oil burners are one of the cleanest combustion sources. New burners boast zero emissions of smoke or combustible discharge. Oil tank storage has no threat to your family or environment, and tanks are built to last decades.

Oil Fuel Tanks

Economical, space-saving and unproblematic fuel storage is also one aspect of the complete heating system. Heating oil tanks are designed for this purpose. We carry heating oil tanks which are a safe solution for all situations: in detached houses or multiple dwelling units, in apartment blocks or business premises, in new buildings, extensions, or renovations.

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