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At Rural Energy, we offer a wide selection of water heating equipment options to meet and fit the energy requirements of any residential, commercial, and industrial facility, ranging from homes, to schools, to hospitals, manufacturing plants, and office buildings.

Our catalog's water heating equipment solutions include products from leading brands, including Bosch, Rinnai, Toyotomi, Ergomax, and American Valve (filter by brand using the brand list on the left side of the page).

Our team will outfit your facility with the suitable types of electric water heaters, gas water heaters, oil water heaters, water heat convectors, water heat exchangers, and water heating accessories for your needs. Our wide array providing robust, efficient, and cost-effective heating equipment will save you money over time. Whether it's a point of use for a half bathroom or 20 wired-together water heaters, we have an expansive collection of heating water equipment that provides comfort and satisfaction.


Specialty Water Heating Equipment Solutions:

Electric Water Heaters

The many benefits of electric water boilers: no need for combustible fuel, saving space, saving money and energy, safe in terms of no fuel leaks, help conserve the environment, and reduce your no need for combustible fuel. In addition, you can save space in the way that electric boilers don't use combustion fuel; you do not need to add fuel storage close to your boiler. Thus, the vacant space left can be used for other purposes.

Gas Water Heaters

To minimize your environmental footprint, switch to a home that utilizes natural gas or propane. Between gas, electric, and oil — natural gas is the most efficient fuel source for your home's fixtures. Home appliances and fixtures (boilers, dryers, stoves, ovens) that are a natural gas model will use less fuel compared to electric and oil, thus saving you money. Not only will you be saving the money in your wallet, but you'll be saving the environment from greenhouse gasses. Propane and ng have the potential for lower maintenance costs.

Water Heat Convectors

Our heat convector is a compact, high-efficiency heat distribution system and is the perfect solution to replace or enhance an existing baseboard. The appliance is designed to complement all of today's high-efficiency boilers - gas, oil, or electric by circulating hydronic heat with a multi-speed fan warming the air in your home.

Water Heat Exchangers

One of the most significant benefits of modern water heat exchangers is that they do not rely on additional equipment, such as air conditioning or air compressing unit, to operate. Therefore, they use less energy and produce less pollution than more conventional heating and cooling methods.

Water Heating Accessories

Our accessory protects your water heater from limescale buildup and keeps it running efficiently. It requires no power supply, batteries, chemicals, or filters. It is also easy to install and maintenance-free.

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