Roth Tank Cover for 1000L


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The tank cover is intended for exterior installations and has undergone testing. This cover is intended to shield the tank's top from damaging ultraviolet rays as well as the elements of Mother Nature.

  • The cover's length and width must not be more than.5 inches longer and wider than the dimensions of the tank for which it is intended.
  • For all models, the cover height is 12 inches.
  • Uses the included stainless steel screws to swiftly assemble and install.
  • Uses the supplied self-tapping screws to fasten to the tank lip.
  • Fuel oil supply lines with knockouts on the back, front, and both ends (a total of 4).
  • Necessary for tank installations outside.
  • When fuel oil supply lines are mani folded outside the covers, it is possible to use this system for numerous tank installations with independent fill and vent lines.
  • The installation kit includes screws to construct the cover and secure it to the tank, an assembly sheet, and a warning notice.
  • Use the lanyards with pins to hold the lid in the closed position and the blind plugs to fill unused knock-out holes.

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