Fuel Filter #496 1" FPT


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Water-Block Fuel Tank Filer

  • For use with gasoline and diesel fuel
  • WATER-BLOCK element blocks water from penetrating the filter and entering the fuel system
  • 150 psi See-Thru plastic bowl is alcohol and impact resistant
  • Heavy-duty zinc top cap avaiable with 3/4" or 1" NPT pipe fittings
  • Element filters microscopic contaminants down to 17 micros
  • Easy-to-use sediment drain valve

Models Compatible With: Laser 30, Laser 30 Black, Oil Miser 23, Laser 56, Laser 73, Laser 73AT, Laser 300, Laser 300-BL, Laser 530, Laser 560, Laser 730, Laser 730AT, OM-148, OM-122DW, OM-180, OM-128HH

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