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Magnetic Boiler Filter

A device installed in heating systems to remove magnetic and non-magnetic debris from circulating water, protecting components from damage and improving system longevity.


A distribution system in radiant heating systems that supplies hot water to individual zones or circuits, typically consisting of pipes, valves, and controls.

Manifold Pressure

The pressure of gas in the manifold of a gas-fired heating appliance, which affects combustion efficiency and heat output in gas furnaces and boilers.

Manual Reset Limit Switch

A safety device in heating systems that requires manual intervention to reset after activating due to overheating or other abnormal conditions.


Stands for Maximum Allowable Working Pressure, the maximum gas pressure permissible in a boiler. It is the basis for the pressure setting of the pressure relieving devices protecting the boiler.

Maximum Continuous Load

The maximum load which can be maintained for a specific period.

Maximum Instantaneous Demand

The sudden load demand on a boiler beyond which an unbalanced condition may be established in the boilers internal flow pattern and/or surface release conditions.

Mechanical Ventilation

A ventilation system that uses fans or blowers to exchange indoor and outdoor air, removing pollutants and maintaining indoor air quality in heating systems.

MERV Rating

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, a rating system used to classify the effectiveness of air filters in trapping airborne particles in heating systems.

Mini-Split Heat Pump

A type of heat pump system that consists of indoor air-handling units connected to an outdoor compressor/condenser unit, providing both heating and cooling for individual rooms or zones.

Modulating Boiler

A boiler that adjusts its heat output based on demand, allowing for precise control of temperature and improved energy efficiency in heating systems.

Modulating Gas Valve

A valve in gas-fired heating systems that adjusts the flow of fuel gas to the burner based on demand, providing precise control of heat output.

Monobloc Heat Pump

A type of heat pump system where all components, including the compressor, evaporator, and condenser, are housed in a single outdoor unit, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Motorized Valve

A valve in heating systems that is operated by an electric motor, allowing for remote or automated control of fluid flow in HVAC systems.

Multi-Stage Heating

A heating system that operates at multiple output levels or stages, adjusting heat output based on demand to optimize comfort and energy efficiency.

Multi-Zone Heating

A heating system design that divides a building into multiple zones, each with its thermostat and control, allowing for customized comfort and energy savings.

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