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Radiant Heat

The heat energy that is transferred from one body to another is called as Radiant Heat.

Radiant Heating

A heating system that warms objects and surfaces directly through the emission of infrared radiation, providing comfortable and efficient warmth.

Radiation Loss

A comprehensive term used in a boiler-unit heat balance to account for the conduction, radiation, and convection heat losses from the boiler to the ambient air.

Radiation Shield

A barrier or shield in heating systems that blocks or reduces the transmission of radiant heat, protecting sensitive equipment or materials from excessive heating.

Rated Capacity

The manufacturers stated capacity rating for mechanical equipment.

Recirculation Pump

A pump in heating systems that circulates hot water continuously through the system, maintaining temperature and ensuring rapid hot water delivery.

Relief Valve

A safety valve in heating systems that opens automatically to release excess pressure, preventing damage or rupture of pipes, boilers, or tanks.

Remote Sensor

A sensor in heating systems that measures temperature or other environmental variables in a remote location, transmitting data wirelessly to a control unit.

Remote Thermostat

A thermostat in heating systems that can be controlled remotely, often through wireless or internet-connected devices, allowing users to adjust settings from a distance.

Reset Control

A feature in heating systems that adjusts temperature setpoints based on external factors, such as outdoor temperature or occupancy, optimizing energy usage.

Resistance Heating

A method of heating where electrical current passes through a resistive element, such as a coil or wire, converting electrical energy into heat.

Return Air

Air drawn into a heating unit after having been circulated from the heater’s output supply to a room

Room Heating Load

The amount of heat energy required to maintain desired indoor temperatures in a specific room or area, calculated based on factors such as insulation, size, and occupancy.

Room Temperature Sensor

A built-in sensor in Toyotomi Laser Heaters that monitors the ambient temperature of the room and adjusts the heater's operation accordingly to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature.

Room Thermostat

A device in heating systems that measures and regulates the temperature in a specific room or zone, controlling the operation of heating equipment.

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