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Wall Furnace

A type of heating appliance mounted on a wall and used for space heating, commonly powered by natural gas, propane, or electricity.

Wall Heater

A type of heating appliance installed directly on a wall, providing localized heat for a specific room or area.

Wall-Mounted Heater

A heating appliance installed directly on a wall in heating systems, providing localized heat for a specific area or room.

Warm Air Furnace

A type of heating system that heats air using a combustion chamber or electric heating elements and distributes it through ductwork to heat a building.

Warm up time

The amount of time it takes for a heating system to reach its desired operating temperature after being turned on, typically influenced by factors such as system size, insulation, and ambient temperature.

Warm-Up Cycle

The initial phase of operation in heating systems where equipment gradually increases output to reach the desired temperature.

Warm-Up Time

The duration required for a heating system or appliance to reach its desired operating temperature after being turned on or activated.

Water heater

A heating appliance used to heat water for domestic or commercial purposes, typically powered by electricity, natural gas or propane.


A unit of measurement representing the rate of energy consumption or production in heating systems, typically used to describe the power output of heaters and appliances.


The process of improving a building's energy efficiency and comfort by sealing air leaks, adding insulation, and upgrading heating systems.


The process of preparing heating systems and buildings for cold weather conditions, ensuring proper operation and efficiency during winter months.

Wood Stove

A heating appliance that burns wood to produce heat for residential or commercial spaces, typically featuring a firebox and chimney for ventilation.

Wood-Burning Fireplace

A heating systems that burns wood logs to produce heat and ambiance, typically featuring a chimney for ventilation.

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