Direct Vent Gas Furnaces

A direct-vent wall furnace is a self-contained, sealed combustion heating appliance that warms inside air by recirculating it around a sealed chamber and discharges combustion byproducts outside the home via direct-vent. An indoor gas heater will typically be cheaper to run than an electric heater. Since gas heating produces more heat output than an electric heater, it will heat your space quicker and use much less energy.

Gas is also a low-cost, convenient fuel, meaning the operating costs of a gas heater are generally lower and more affordable than pulling energy from the electricity grid.

Gas direct vent furnaces equipment solutions in our catalog include products from world-renowned brands Ashley, Eskabe, and Rinnai (filter by brand using the brand list on the left side of the page).

Whether you are looking to heat a single room or an entire floor, we have the size options available to you.

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