Rinnai Wall Thermostat Installation Kit


Models: All Rinnai Direct Vent heaters

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Imagine the convenience of controlling and optimizing your heating remotely through your smart devices when paired with a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat. Revolutionize your home heating by tailoring supplemental or zone heating according to your unique preferences. Step into a realm of unparalleled comfort, unmatched efficiency, and unmatched convenience with the innovation of the Wall Thermostat Kits. Redefine the way you experience comfort at home.

Remote Thermostat Mode (Optional Accessory) ECONOMY UP PROGRAM A remote thermostat can be installed for the Rinnai furnace with the Remote Thermostat Installation Kit (Part # 204000045 for U.S. installations, Part # 204000048 for Canadian Installations). Once installed, the furnace must be placed in Remote Thermostat mode by following the steps below: 1. Ensure the furnace is plugged in but is turned OFF. 2. Ensure the Set back feature is turned OFF. 3. Press and hold the Economy + Up + Program buttons for 2.5 seconds and then release (00 appears in the display). 4. Press the UP button (01 appears in the display). 5. Press the ON/OFF button; the display will go blank. The furnace is now in Remote Thermostat mode. 



  • Rinnai Energy Saver
  • Wall Furnaces
  • Wi-Fi-enabled Thermostat Kit
  • Smart Heating
  • Home Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Efficiency

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