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Simple, Efficient, Modern

Unique and portable, the Delta firepit is the perfect firepit for your backyard, on a camping or beach trip, or tailgating before your favorite sporting event. Made of 3 collapsible pieces, the Delta firepit can be assembled and disassembled in less than 1-minute and stored flat.

The Delta Firepit is made of thick, high quality steel with a black paint finish.



How heavy is it? Each of the three panels weighs approximately 23 lbs. The total weight is approximately 70 lbs.

How big is it? The top opening of the Delta Firepit is 33” x 33” x 33” and each panel is approximately 34” x 18”.

How long does it take to put together? It takes less than 1-minute to put the Delta Firepit together.

How flat is it when stored? When stored, the Delta Firepit is about a half inch thick – small enough to fit in your car truck, closet or garage nook.

How does it go together?  The two panels with slots in them go together first. The small slots are aligned and the panels slide together to the ground. Next, the third panel which does not have any slots, is slid into the other two panels all the way to the ground. Some slight adjustment may be needed to ensure the firepit is sitting squarely on the ground. You can see an assembly video above.

Can one person put it together? Yep! It may take a little longer than 20 seconds for one person to assemble the Delta Firepit, but it most certainly can be assembled or disassembled by one person.

Does the firepit get hot? Absolutely! We don’t recommend touching the firepit when there are flaming logs or embers in the firepit.

How many logs can it fit? Using standard 18” cord wood you can burn 3-5 logs. Using a pre-packaged bundle of wood from Home Depot or Lowes, you can usually fit the entire bundle.

How thick is the steel? 3/16”

Is there a warranty? Yes, each Delta Firepit comes with a 90-day limited warranty.

Is there any normal wear and tear? Yes, the internal paint is expected to become discolored after use. The paint on the outside of the fire pit should remain black,, but will also get scratched and wear over time. Depending on wood loading, you may experience some slight bowing of the firepit inwards or outwards due to the heating and cooling of the firepit.

How do I clean it? Once cooled, a rag and water can be used to clean the firepit. It is normal for the inside of the firepit to discolor after use.

Where should I use my firepit? Do not use your Delta Firepit on a combustible surface without using an approved firepit pad underneath.



Color: Black
Opening: 33" x 33" x 33"
Height: 15"
Panel Weight: 23 lbs.
Total Weight: 70 lbs.


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