NordicStove Basic Model w/ Convector Thermostat, 13,000


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This model has the thermostat option.

Introducing NordicStove, the ultimate heating and cooking solution for adventurers and homeowners alike. These oil-burning stoves can be used in boats, tents, vans, trailers, workshops, cabins, or homes, making them perfect for any situation where a heating and/or cooking device is needed. The NordicStove models exemplify both efficiency and effectiveness, boasting the remarkable capability to heat any type of dwelling. Moreover, these models are available in multiple BTU per hour output sizes, ranging from 6,800 to 40,000, ensuring that there's a suitable model for every need. The flat, thick top plate that all models are designed and equipped with acts as a cooking surface, making these stoves a versatile duo-use appliance.

NordicStoves do not require electricity, making them ideal for use in remote locations. The stoves are environmentally friendly, producing a minimum of carbon in the exhaust and meeting rigorous clean air requirements. Each NordicStove comes from the factory pre-set for U.S. #1 heating oil but can use a different grade such as marine diesel, #2 heating oil, or automotive diesel as needed (with adjustments).

The NordicStove 13,000 BTU output models are capable of heating spaces that are up to approximately 500 square feet in size. This could include rooms such as small to medium-sized cabins, tents, or workshops. It could also be suitable for heating larger spaces, such as open-concept living areas, but it would depend on the specific layout and insulation of the space.

It is important to note that the size of the heater needed for a particular space will depend on a variety of factors, including the climate of the region, the insulation of the building, and the desired temperature. It is recommended to consult with a heating professional to determine the best type and size of heater for your specific needs.

NordicStove Convector Model: The Convector models, similar to the Basic model, come with a black steel shroud which provides an added benefit of convection heating. The slots located at the top and bottom of the cover create an airflow that enhances the heater's effectiveness. Convection heating is a method of heating a space using convection currents to circulate warm air. It works by warming up the air surrounding a heat source, such as a heater or furnace, causing it to rise and create a vacuum. This vacuum then pulls in cooler air from the surrounding area to replace the rising warm air, resulting in a continuous flow of heated air. Convection heating is known for its efficiency because it heats up the entire room evenly, and it can be more energy-efficient than other types of heating because it relies on natural air circulation instead of a fan or blower.

Choose NordicStove for your next adventure or heating and cooking needs.



  • Available in four model types:
    • Basic (radiant heater)
    • Convector (black steel convection heater)
    • Deluxe (stainless steel convection heater)
    • Rustic Deluxe (Deluxe with window)
  • Operate without the need for electricity
  • Heavy stovetop allows all units to be used for cooking
  • High-quality Toby oil control comes with built-in safety features
  • Preset for #1 fuel oil - unit can other types of fuel
  • Wide opening lid makes for easy lighting and cleaning
  • Optional 3.75-gallon plastic fuel tank and quick connect hose is perfect for emergency or day use



68 10,833 6,800 20” x 10” 14–17 3” .035-.079 GPH #1 or #2 Fuel Oil
130 20,307 13,000 22” x 14” 18–23 4” .053-.150 GPH #1 or #2 Fuel Oil
250 36,067 25,000 28” x 14” 29–32 5” .079-.262 GPH #1 or #2 Fuel Oil
400 54,075 40,000 31” x 16” 60–65 6” .122-.399 GPH #1 or #2 Fuel Oil



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