Broil King, Propane Gas Grills, Charcoal Smokers, Portable Grills

Broil King is committed to producing gas grills that you can count on for the utmost in performance, built with quality materials for years of durability. Broil King gas grills are manufactured in North American factories located in Huntington Indiana, Dickson Tennessee and Waterloo Ontario.

Broil King, Propane Gas Grills:

With a stylish, distinct look and carefully sculpted curves, the Broil King line of gas grills will complement any outdoor environment. You can sear steaks to perfection, rotisserie cook poultry or roasts, and even bake elaborate desserts. Every part of the cooking system is designed and engineered for a specific purpose. When combined, the results are simply spectacular.

Broil King, Charcoal Smokers:

From durable construction and stylish accents to exceptional cooking versatility, the Broil King line of charcoal grills and smokers brings people together. Great food, great flavor, great barbecues every time.

Broil King, Portable Grills:

Cooking on the go has never been more convenient than with the newly designed Porta-Chef® series. These grills offer an exceptional amount of grilling space compared to other portable grills, allowing you to cook delicious meals for the whole family or a feast for friends before the big game. The sturdy legs quickly snap into place providing a stable stand-alone grill.

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Q. What is Broil King?

A. Broil King is a brand of gas grills and outdoor cooking equipment.

Q. What is the warranty on Broil King grills?

A. The warranty on Broil King grills varies by model, but typically ranges from 2 to 10 years for parts and paint.

Q. Can I use my Broil King grill for smoking?

A. Yes, you can also use some of their gas grills for smoking by using a smoker box or adding wood chips to a foil pouch on the grill grates.

Q. How do I light my Broil King grill?

A. To light your Broil King grill, first open the lid and turn on the gas at the propane tank or natural gas line. Then, turn on the burner(s) to the high setting and use the ignition button or match to light the grill. Once the grill is lit, you can adjust the heat as needed.

Q. Where can I find replacement parts for my Broil King grill?

A. You can find replacement parts for your Broil King grill on the Broil King website, or from other online retailers that specialize in grill parts and accessories. Make sure to check the model number of your grill to ensure that you're purchasing the correct parts.

Q. What fuel source does Broil King use?

A. Broil King grills use propane or natural gas for their gas grills, charcoal for their charcoal grills, and wood pellets for their pellet grills.

Q. How do I maintain the ignition system on my Broil King grill?

A. Check the battery in the igniter periodically and replace it if necessary. Clean the igniter electrode and surrounding area with a wire brush to remove any debris or corrosion. Ensure that the igniter wire is securely connected to the electrode and control module. If the ignition system is not working properly, check for any loose or damaged wires and replace them if necessary.

Q. How do I prevent rust on my Broil King grill?

A. Store the grill in a dry, sheltered location and cover the grill with a fitted cover to protect it from the elements. Clean the grill regularly and remove any debris or buildup that can promote rust. Apply a thin coat of high-heat oil to the cooking grates and other metal surfaces to protect against rust.

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