Rinnai Sensi Tankless Water Heater 199 BTU NG


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Introducing the RU199iN tankless water heater by Rinnai, designed to provide an endless supply of hot water for larger homes with high hot water demand. This energy-efficient water heater is compact and perfect for indoor installation, making it an excellent choice for homeowners who value space-saving solutions. This unit is easily converted to propane if desired.

With an impressive flow rate of up to 11 gallons per minute, the RU199iN delivers a constant supply of hot water, so you can enjoy a comfortable shower, fill up the bathtub, and run multiple appliances simultaneously without any fluctuations in temperature or pressure.

The RU199iN is highly energy-efficient, boasting an impressive 96% thermal efficiency rating, which means that it wastes very little energy, saving you money on energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally, this water heater features a recirculation technology that keeps hot water ready for use, saving you time and water.

The RU199iN also comes equipped with a user-friendly digital controller that allows you to adjust the temperature and set schedules for hot water usage, giving you complete control over your water heating system. The controller also provides diagnostic codes for easy troubleshooting, ensuring that your unit is always operating at peak performance.

Installation of the RU199iN is straightforward and can be completed by a licensed professional in a few hours. With its durable construction and a lifespan of over 20 years, you can rely on the RU199iN to provide you with a steady stream of hot water for years to come.

Overall, the RU199iN tankless water heater by Rinnai is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a reliable and energy-efficient water heating solution. Its high flow rate, energy efficiency, and user-friendly digital controller make it a top-of-the-line water heater that will meet all of your hot water needs.



  • Convert this unit to propane gas easily with part #103000076
  • Energy Factor: 0.96
  • Installation and Service Ease with SENSEI Design
  • Dual Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
  • Flexible Installation - Includes Isolation Valves
  • Ready for Smart Home Routines
  • Uniform Energy Factor: 0.93
  • Warranty 15 yrs on Heat Exchanger/ 5 years on Parts/ 1 Year on Labor 15,000 BTU (minimum)
  • 199,000 BTU (maximum)
  • Indoor Only



Manufacturer Trade Model Number - U.S. RU199iN
Product Depth 11.45 in / (290 mm)
Product Height 31.3 in / (795 mm)
Product Width 18.5 in / (470 mm)
Product Weight 64 lb / (29 kg)
Gas Type Natural Gas (Covert to LP with kit)
Installation Type Indoor Only
Recirculation Capable Yes
Residential ENERGY STAR® Yes
Uniform Energy Factor 0.93
Energy Factor 0.96
Domestic Hot Water Flow Rate (Maximum) 11 GPM / (41.6 l/min)
Wi-Fi Capable Yes
SCAQMD Approved &Ultra Low NOx




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