Solo Stove Starters


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Saving newspapers, magazines, toilet paper rolls, and even dryer lint to help light your Solo Stove is a lot of work.

Enjoy these non-toxic, 100% recycled hardwood starters as a safe and efficient way to get a roaring flame in minutes.

Each pack comes with 16 starters.

A surefire start to the perfect flame.

Building a fire in your Solo Stove fire pit, grill, or camp stove has never been easier. Just place throughout your wood kindling, light, and enjoy!

Never worry about collecting old newspapers or toilet paper rolls ever again! Solo Stove Starters are made with 100% recycled hardwood for a clean burn and are non-toxic and pet-safe.



What are Solo Stove Starters made of?

  • Solo Stove Starters are made with 100% natural, renewable hardwood.

Can I use them in any Solo Stove?

  • Solo Stove Starters are made to be used in any Solo Stove, camp stove, fire pit, or grill. They're perfect to use with wood or charcoal-based fires.

Are they safe to cook over in my Solo Stove Grill?

  • Solo Stove Starters are Non-Toxic and Pet-safe.

Are Solo Stove Starters water-resistant?

  • Yes.



Made with 100% Natural and Renewable Hardwood

16 Solo Stove Starters per 11 oz (312g) bag

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