Trailer Valet JX 5K Center Mount Jack


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The Trailer Valet JX 5K Center is a manually operated hand-crank jack that can be powered by any 18-24V non-impact drill with the Trailer Valet Drill Attachment. It features a 5,000-pound lifting capacity, and its proprietary gear material composition provides maximum efficiency while minimizing heat retention. The JX 5K Center features weather-resistant shield protection and our unique wrinkle-black powder coating, allowing you to travel further and for longer. It's time to replace the manual jack on your trailer with an electric one! Save time, effort, and frustration, and get to what you enjoy most.

Comes standard with a foot plate and a Trailer Valet Drill Attachment; an optional Wheel Attachment is available.




How do you recommend propping up the trailer for installation?

A few suggestions we have for propping up your trailer are using your existing jack, a stabilizer block, jack stands, or wood blocks. You will need at least 16-18” of height to properly install the JX.

Can the center jack (JXC) be welded rather than bolted?

Yes, at your discretion.

Do I need to grease the gears before use?

No, the JX will come already lubricated. We recommend greasing the internal gear system every 90 days. Please refer to the product manual.

What is the load capacity of the JX?

JXC (Center Mount Jacks): 3K lift capacity and 5K static capacity

JXS (Side Mount Jacks): 2K lift capacity and 2K static capacity

What is the recommended drill torque setting?

We recommend keeping the torque setting as low as possible while still lifting the trailer. A heavier load will require a higher torque setting.

Does the JX come with a caster wheel?

Each JX comes standard with a foot plate. Caster wheels will be released mid-December and will be sold separately.

Does the JX Center Mount come with bolts for installation?

Yes. All JX Center jacks include three bolts and lock washers for installation to your trailer frame.

What type of Mount Bracket comes with the JX2-S and JX5-S?

The JX2-S comes with a smaller bracket that can be mounted on a 4” frame and needs 6” of clearance to install. The JX5-S comes with a larger bracket that can be mounted on a 7” frame and needs at least 8” of clearance to install.

What is the best position for the JX5-S Mount Bracket to be installed?

The connection point should be in the low position (recommended). However, it can be flipped to the high position if needed.

How much does the JX weigh?

JX2-S: 23 lbs

JX5-S: 25 lbs

JX2-C: 14 lbs

JX5-C: 14 lbs

Can the JX be submerged in water?

The JX can be submerged in water for brief periods. However, we highly recommend rinsing the JX with fresh water after heavy salt water exposure.

Can the JX be stored outdoors?

Yes, the JX has three layers of weather protection and can be stored outdoors with your trailer.

What kind of drill should I use with the JX?

Any 18-24V compact non-impact drill can be used with the Trailer Valet Drill Attachment. We recommend the DeWalt brand



Static Capacity: 5,000 lbs
Lift Capacity (Manual): 5,000 lbs
Lift Capacity (w/ Drill): 1,250 lbs
Retracted Height: 23 in
Extended Height: 37 in
Total Extension: 14 in
Trailer Lift: 9.5 in to 23.5 in
Outer Tube Diameter: 57 mm
Inner Tube Diameter: 51 mm
Clearance (bottom of bracket to top): N/A
Clearance (mount point to top of jack): 13.5 in
Max Frame Size Fit: N/A



Manuals: Operation and Installation

Owner Manual

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