Valcourt, Premium Quality Wood and Gas Fireplaces

SBI (the Valcourt brand manufacturer) specializes in the design and manufacture of residential heating appliances using as main fuel wood, wood pellets, gas, and biomass. SBI is a Canadian family-owned business that designs, builds and markets residential heating products that are sold throughout the world.

Valcourt, Gas Fireplaces:

Valcourt gas fireplaces, which are larger than life, are a stunning addition to any large family room to bring warmth and luxury.

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Q. What types of gas fireplaces does Valcourt offer?

A. Valcourt offers a variety of options including traditional style, linear style, and see-through fireplaces.

Q. Are Valcourt gas fireplaces efficient?

A. Yes, Valcourt gas fireplaces are designed to be highly efficient. They use a closed combustion system which means that the fire is contained within a sealed chamber, which helps to maximize heat output and minimize heat loss.

Q. Can I install a Valcourt gas fireplace in my existing masonry fireplace?

A. Yes, Valcourt offers a range of gas fireplace inserts that can be installed into existing masonry fireplaces.

Q. Are Valcourt gas fireplaces safe?

A. Yes, Valcourt gas fireplaces are designed with safety in mind. They come equipped with a range of safety features including automatic shut-off valves, tempered glass doors, and flame sensors.

Q. Can I customize the appearance of my Valcourt gas fireplace?

A. Yes, Valcourt offers a range of customization options including different mantel styles, surrounds, and decorative media such as fire glass or ceramic logs.

Q. How long do Valcourt gas fireplaces last?

A. With proper maintenance and care, Valcourt gas fireplaces can last for many years. They are built with high-quality materials and designed to be durable and long-lasting.

Q. Do I need a chimney for a Valcourt gas fireplace?

A. No, Valcourt gas fireplaces do not require a traditional chimney. Instead, they use a venting system that can be installed through a wall or roof.

Q. Can I use my Valcourt gas fireplace to heat my entire home?

A. Valcourt gas fireplaces are designed primarily for ambiance and supplemental heat. While they can provide significant warmth, they are not intended to be the sole source of heat for an entire home.

Q. Do Valcourt gas fireplaces require a lot of maintenance?

A. Valcourt gas fireplaces are designed to be relatively low maintenance. However, it is recommended that you have your fireplace serviced and cleaned by a professional once a year to ensure optimal performance and safety.

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