Water Heater Scale Prevention System, 3/4"


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Introducing ScaleRX, a groundbreaking solution to the persistent problem of limescale build-up. Designed with patented Turbulent Galvanic Polarization (TGP) technology, ScaleRX offers an innovative approach to preventing limescale accumulation, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your water systems.

Benefits of ScaleRX:
  • Enhanced Efficiency: By preventing limescale build-up, ScaleRX ensures optimal performance of water heaters, faucets, and other appliances.
  • Cost Savings: Reduce frequent and costly maintenance associated with limescale, extending the lifespan of your appliances.
  • Eco-Friendly: Contribute to a greener planet with a solution that doesn't rely on chemicals or energy consumption.

Say goodbye to the challenges of limescale and embrace a future of clear, unrestricted water flow with ScaleRX by American Valve. Explore this revolutionary product and transform your water system today!

Explore Further:

What is limescale and why is it bad?

Limescale, also known as 'scale', is a mineral deposit commonly formed from hard water that is high in calcium or magnesium carbonate. Limescale build-up can block pipes, faucet aerators, and cause corrosion. It can restrict flow, slow the transfer of heat, decrease efficiency, damage heating elements, decrease water pressure, shorten the lifespan of appliances, and require frequent and costly maintenance.

How does ScaleRX work?

ScaleRX uses a patented Turbulent Galvanic Polarization (TGP) system to disrupt the formation of limescale crystals. It contains alloy discs that create a small galvanic current, preventing the formation of Calcite crystals. Instead, Calcium carbonate forms Aragonite crystals, allowing the mineral content to flow freely through without accumulating on surfaces. Nothing is filtered, removed, or chemically altered.

Where can ScaleRx be used?

caleRX can be used on any residential water heater and on the main water line to your home. It replaces just under 12 inches of pipe, so ensure you have enough space to work around any pipe fittings or obstacles.

How long does ScaleRx last?

ScaleRx contains no filters and is maintenance-free. The body is made of 304 stainless steel, and testing has shown that ScaleRx remains effective after 12 years of constant use.

Can I install ScaleRx outside?

es, you can install ScaleRx outside. The external components are made of durable stainless steel designed to withstand harsh environments. However, note that ScaleRx Home comes with optional SharkBite™ fittings which are not rated for outdoor use.

What type of pipe do I need to use with ScaleRx?

ScaleRx is compatible with hard copper (types L, K, and M), PEX, HDPE, PE-RT, CPVC, and PVC pipe. Brass or plastic adapters may be used for connections.

Why doesn’t ScaleRx need an external power source?

ScaleRx contains patented TGP® turbines that create both turbulence and a small galvanic current. These features combine to prevent the formation of calcite crystals without the need for an external power source.

How much flow restriction does ScaleRx cause?

ScaleRx causes less than 1 GPM pressure drop and doesn't reduce household water pressure.



  • Extends the life and efficiency of new and existing water heaters
  • Reduces and prevents limescale build-up by 76.3% per IAPMO R&T testing
  • Easy-to-install & maintenance-free
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • No electricity required
  • Environmentally friendly, chemical-free
  • Does not affect water pressure
  • Adapts easily for PEX and other pipe types
  • 12-Year Limited Warranty



Connection: Female NPT x Female NPT
Disc Material: Titanium/Zinc & Copper
Flow: 14.1 Gal/Min
Material: Stainless Steel
Pipe Type: Copper, CPVC, PVC, PEX
Pressure: Min/Max Pressure (Inlet): 4 psi to 145 psi
Temperature: Min/Max Temperature (inlet): 40°F to 210°F




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