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For more than a century, American Valve has been renowned for producing premium valves used in industrial, HVAC, and plumbing applications. For ball valves, plumbing valves, thermoplastic valves, and ScaleRX scaling prevention devices used on water heaters and industrial operations, we are well-known throughout North America.

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Q. Does ScaleRx work?

A. ScaleRx has been shown in tests conducted by IAPMO R&T to be 76% effective at preventing limescale deposits. In side-by-side comparison testing it was four times more effective than the leading electronic scale reduction device.

Q. How does ScaleRX work?

A. ScaleRx has alloy discs that generate a weak galvanic current, which stops calcite crystals (limescale) from forming. Instead, calcium carbonate crystallizes into aragonite, which allows the mineral content to pass through easily without building up on surfaces. Nothing is eliminated, chemically changed, or filtered.

Q. Where can ScaleRx be used?

A. ScaleRX can be used on any residential water heater. ScaleRx Home can be used on the main water line to your home. ScaleRx replaces just under 12 in. of pipe, so you will want to leave enough space to work around any pipe fittings or obstacles.

Q. What type of pipe works with ScaleRx?

A. ScaleRx is compatible with hard copper (types L, K and M), PEX, HDPE, PE-RT, CPVC, or and PVC pipe. Brass or plastic adapters may be used to connect.

Q. How long does ScaleRx last?

A. ScaleRx is maintenance-free and has no filters. ScaleRx's body is composed of 304 stainless steel, and tests have proven that even after 12 years of continuous usage, it is still effective.

Q. Why doesn't ScaleRx need an external power source?

A. ScaleRx has invented TGP® turbines that produce galvanic current and turbulence simultaneously. The combination of these characteristics inhibits the growth of calcite crystals.

Q. How much flow restriction does Scale Rx create?

A. Less than 1 GPM pressure drop. ScaleRx doesn’t reduce household water pressure.

Q. Can I install ScaleRx Outside?

A. Yes, the outside components are made of durable stainless steel and made to survive harsh environments.

Q. What is limescale?

A. Hard water leaves behind mineral deposits that are frequently referred to as "limescale" or "scale" when it originates from regions with high calcium or magnesium carbonate levels. Corrosion and pipe blockage are two effects of limescale buildup. In addition, it is unattractive, produces stains on clothes and dishes, and causes homeowners ongoing annoyance. More importantly, limescale accumulation on water heater components lowers their general efficiency and raises energy costs.

Q. What happens if you don't descale your water heater?

A. Mineral deposits may build up. This could cause a clog within the unit and may prevent normal heating activity. Your hot water could also fluctuate and overheat the system, impacting its efficiency.

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