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Note: Our products and services are available in Turnagain and the Anchorage area, as well as nationwide.

Rural Energy Enterprises: High-Efficiency Plumbing and Heating Solutions for Turnagain, Alaska.

Located in the heart of Anchorage, Alaska, Rural Energy Enterprises Inc. (REE) has been a cornerstone in distributing sustainable heating solutions for over four decades. Our commitment to providing high-quality heating equipment, water heating systems, air conditioners, stove pipes, and outdoor living products, including the Solo Stove, has made us a trusted partner in both residential and commercial sectors across Turnagain, Anchorage and the surrounding areas. Our offerings also include ductless mini splits, ensuring flexible and efficient heating and cooling solutions.

At REE, we specialize in distributing a comprehensive range of heating equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of the Turnagain community. Our products, from energy-efficient boilers and furnaces to innovative heat pumps, cover heating & ventilation systems to ensure optimal air quality and comfort, performance, and reliability, even in the harsh Alaskan climate. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable energy solutions that reduce environmental impact while delivering superior comfort and efficiency. For those with specific needs, we provide trailer accessories and emergency heater repairs to support your heating and cooling needs.

Our water heating solutions are among the most advanced in the industry. We offer a variety of tankless water heaters, indirect water heaters, and storage tanks that cater to different household and commercial requirements in Turnagain, Anchorage. These products are designed to provide a consistent hot water supply while minimizing energy consumption, ensuring our customers enjoy both convenience and cost savings. Visit our fireplace store for a range of high-quality fireplaces and accessories, including components for chimney sweep services.

In addition to heating and water heating products, REE also distributes top-of-the-line air conditioning units that are perfect for maintaining comfortable indoor environments during the warmer months in Turnagain, Anchorage. Our air conditioners are known for their energy efficiency, quiet operation, and robust performance, making them popular among local homeowners and businesses.

Our extensive product line also includes high-quality stove pipes and accessories essential for safe and efficient wood and pellet stove installations. These components are crafted to withstand high temperatures and ensure optimal venting, enhancing the performance and safety of heating systems in Turnagain, Anchorage homes and businesses.

For those who love outdoor living, REE offers a range of outdoor heating solutions, including patio heaters, fire pits, and BBQ grills of well-known brands like Solo Stove, and Broil King. These products are designed to extend the comfort of your indoor living space to the outdoors, allowing you to enjoy your patio or backyard year-round, even in Turnagain, Anchorage's chilly climate.

Beyond our extensive product offerings, REE is committed to providing exceptional customer service to the residents and businesses of Turnagain. Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to assist with product selection, installation guidance, and after-sales support. We offer comprehensive technical support to ensure our customers get the most out of their heating and cooling systems. Our plumbing store features a wide range of supplies to complement our heating and cooling systems, with services including heater repair and fireplace repair.

We proudly distribute products from some of the industry's most reputable brands, including Toyotomi, NordicStove, Rinnai, Garmin, and Bosh. These brands are synonymous with quality, innovation, and reliability, and they align perfectly with our mission to deliver the best heating and cooling solutions to our Turnagain, Anchorage customers. As a leading heating company, REE promotes sustainable energy solutions.

Our operations extend across the USA and Canada, with a strong presence in rural and remote areas like Turnagain, where reliable heating solutions are critical. We understand our customers' unique challenges in these regions and strive to provide products that meet their needs.

At Rural Energy Enterprises Inc., we are more than just a wholesale distributor of heating and cooling products; we partner in creating comfortable, energy-efficient homes and businesses in Turnagain. Our dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a leader in the industry. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to stay updated on our latest products, services, and company news, or come and visit our showroom.

With a focus on innovation and customer-centric service, REE continues to lead the way in sustainable heating solutions, ensuring that our Turnagain customers live life warm and comfortable, no matter where they are.

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